Wholesale Commerce & Order Management Platform For Home And Specialty

Manage your wholesale relationships in a whole new way. Go beyond transactions. Drive Relationship Commerce.

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Exclusively For Wholesale Brands And Retailers
Vianza delivers online wholesale commerce storefronts & business management solutions to Home & Specialty Brands.

With Vianza, Brands consolidate their entire wholesale business workflow onto one user-friendly platform so they can cut marketing, sales and customer service costs, develop longer-term wholesale commerce relationships and grow Sales 24/7. Vianza’s Transaction Management, Business Management and Marketing Applications work together online to mirror the way you work offline. So you’ll work smarter, not harder. If you can shop online, you can use Vianza.

For qualified Retailers, Vianza allows you to create your own wholesale product assortments, negotiate pricing & terms, buy products and manage all your orders through Vianza’s unique Buyer Dashboard. You use a single login across all the wholesale storefronts to which you have access, so that you can manage all of your orders more easily and in one place.