6 Fresh Starts For Your Business in 2012

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by Sarah Von

6 Fresh Starts For Your Business in 2012


Can you believe it’s nearly 2012? Because it is, friends.  Most of us are running around like the proverbial chicken with its heads cut off during the holiday season (trunk shows! wholesale orders! holiday shopping!) and come January 1st we’re exhausted, uninspired shells of our former selves. 

Well, we’re having none of that.   Here are six ways to give you and your business a fresh start this year.


1) Give your home office or studio a big ol’ deep clean

That fabric you’re never going to use?  Donate it.  Those sheers that don’t really work?  Replace ‘em.  All that software that needs to be updated?  Download away.  And make the day more fun with a great playlist and maybe a pizza and a few glasses of Merlot.


2) Reassess your client and vendor list


Do you have a client who emails you 17 times a day?  One who never pays on time?  A vendor whose work isn’t quite up to snuff?  If you have the luxury of letting them go - do it.  If not, craft a kind but direct email about how you’d like your relationship to work from now on.  And if you’ve got clients that you lovelovelove?  Let them know how much you appreciate their business!

3) Schedule in some post-holiday relaxation

November and December are crazy busy times for just about everyone, particularly anyone who works in the the retail world.  You deserve a break!  If you can’t take a proper vacation, try to shorten your work days, take a three-day weekend or at least take a working holiday so you can respond to email beach side.


4) Craft new, concrete goals for 2012

“Make more money” and “be more successful” are not quite concrete enough.  What about “hire a social media consultant,” “email three new boutiques every week” or “read up on small business tax deductions”?  Goals are more likely to be accomplished when we break them down into small, tangible, bite-sized pieces.


5) Redefine ‘work’ time and ‘play’ time

Most every self-employed person finds themselves working the occasional Saturday night.  And that’s okay - as long as it’s only occasional!  But if that becomes your everyday reality, perhaps it’s time to draw a line in the sand.  Choose a time after which you will not respond to business-related emails, texts or calls.  Don’t work weekends - and make sure your clients are aware of this.  Then schedule something fun into your evenings and weekends so you’re not tempted by the siren song of your inbox!



6) Freshen up you Internet profiles and devices


A fresh Twitter bio, profile photo and background image.  New product shots for your online shop.  A new header for your blog.  A fresh ring tone, a different screen saver, some great apps. You’d be amazed how much these little things matter!


How are you going to reboot in 2012? Share in the comments!


Sarah Von is a Vianza contributing columnist and interview wrangler.  If you follow her on Twitter, you’ll be privy to all sort of tweets about small business, good ideas and, um, cheese.  And that cute calendar you see in the photo that accompanies this post?  She made it!  And you can buy it here.