How To Pitch To Bloggers :: A Step-By-Step Guide

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by Mita Patnaik

How To Pitch To Bloggers :: A Step-By-Step Guide


This is a guest post from Annching Wang. Annching helps independent fashion businesses market for success, authenticity and vision/style unity as a writer and communications strategist. Schooled in fashion design and technology, she also writes about fashion theory, design thinking and entrepreneurial journey - check it all out on her blog.


Getting mentioned in a magazine or in the newspaper can be a huge boost for the ego and for business, but in recent years, social publishers (aka bloggers) have acquired a large chunk of the mass media market. They have style, they have savvy, and they have loyal readers. So you would be doing your business a huge disservice not to consider bloggers as a tool to leverage your business in a way that advertising can't quite emulate.


Plus, it's free, it's highly targeted and it's a great way to get street cred. And it can lead to more press, including coverage from traditional media.


Step-by-step guide:


1. Research your market


What blogs are your customer reading? What blogs are you reading for market research? If you're not a big blog reader, do some research. Think: fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, local interest blogs (think local even if you sell online or internationally because geography creates an instant connection), even personal blogs - in other words, think outside the box.


2. Target the blogs


Be selective - you want to aim for blogs that have a genuine correlation with your target market and product. Think in terms of values and aesthetic. Make a list.


3. Prepare your media packet


A press release if needed, web res images, a media kit. This isn't always necessary, but it can be exactly the thing to make you stand out.

4. Connect via social media


If you can, try to connect with the blogger through Twitter, or by commenting on their blog or Facebook page. This helps to establish a little bit of rapport. If there is just one thing that you can connect with them on, that opens up the door.


5. Make the pitch


Be professional, personal, and engaging. And always think from the other perspective - what would catch your eye if you had to go through dozens of emails every day? (Sidenote: Do you want to send samples? That depends on what you're selling, who you're targeting, and what you're budget is.)


6. Follow-up


Keep it short and sweet. While they may not respond to you immediately, a few weeks could mean a less busy schedule.



Once upon a yesteryear, I had a small fashion blog. And I got pitched - not a lot but enough to pick up a few things here and there. From the other side, here are some general tips and guidelines:


- Rule #1 should just be common sense: Always address people by name (first name only - no Miss). Make sure you spell it correctly. Don't turn "Rebecca" into "Becky" unless that's what it clearly states on their website.

- Make sure you send web-res images. If it looks like it's going to take longer than 3 seconds to load, most people won't even wait. You want to respect their time and their inbox storage.


- Don't aim outside your market. Even if you love a certain blogger who just so happens to be top dog in the fashion blogging world, don't pitch if your product is not similar to what they are already talking about or wearing. Instead, put your time towards finding the right bloggers.


"A smaller blog with a defined niche will do you better than a popular one that has nothing to do with your business."


- On a similar note, don't underestimate smaller, more personal blogs. Pitching to bloggers doesn't always necessarily have to be about getting people to wear your stuff, or to get them to promote your product.

Sometimes it's just to generate awareness. Which could lead to a sale. Which could eventually lead to a small mention: "Just bought an amazing new skirt from x with handcrafted lace trim! I am in love with it!" Which you could turn into a testimonial. Or pop up in Google when someone searches for your company. This works great with small, niche blogs. Every little bit helps and adds to the growing presence of your brand.


(And hint: set up Google Alerts, so you know when people write about you.)


- Write your pitch from the heart - if you need help in that department, get a good writer friend to work a little magic, or hire someone. This is your chance to make a great first impression, so make sure your email is clear and engaging.


- Don't get discouraged. You won't get replies from everyone, probably not even most people. But if you do your research and you find the blogs that are just waiting to discover you, great amazing things can happen.


Hang out with Annching on Twitter.


Photo Credit :: Annching Wang


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