Let's Chat: Small Batch is the Next Step

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by Mita Patnaik

Let's Chat: Small Batch is the Next Step


This week has been all about the Small Batch.


From Meredith's post on finding a production partner (scalability!) to my sharing my definition of Small Batch to the interview with the artisan-supporting Bobby Berk.


Now it's time to turn to YOU.

I believe (and have seen it happen over and over!) that partnering up with a small batch producer (from hiring a local maker to help you a few hours a week to hiring a co-op to make your masterpieces) will make the difference in your design biz.

  • It will take you from retailing (direct to the customer) to wholesaling with the indie retailers of your dreams.
  • It will give you more time to create, design, sketch and dream.
  • It will make your business SCALABLE, which in turns makes it SUSTAINABLE - able to support you long after your wrists get tired or your shoulders ache.


These are the ways I've seen production partners change design businesses, but I'd love to know what it can do for YOU.

Even if you think you're years away from this step, just brainstorm with me, in the comments:

What could a small batch producer do for your business?


Photo Credit :: Leela Design Studio