The Master List :: 6 Designers to Tweet-Stalk

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by Tara Swiger

The Master List :: 6 Designers to Tweet-Stalk

From international jet-setters to the girl printing fabric next door, we’re looking for the designers that brighten your stream and inspire you to get back in the studio.


@BobbyBerk - Designer, retailer, and artist rep, Bobby is stylish and classy (he answers his tweets!).


@knitgrrl  - You don’t have to be a knitter to enjoy Shannon’s acerbic wit and general goofballery. Her book is a great read for any indie designer, no matter your medium.


@howaboutorange  - Her stream is full of pretty things, but I can’t stop thinking about the fabric she designs.


@meganauman - Megan makes gorgeous jewelry and doles out great advice for designers. Check out her video challenge to kickstart your video skills.


@JessicagSwift  - I’m in love with her surface design + her twitter stream shows a behind-the-scenes look (via photos) of her inspiration.


@habituallychic - Funny, fun and yes, habitually chic. 


Who do you follow?

Tell me about them in the comments and the most-adored will appear in next week's Reader's Choice Twitter list. 


Photo Credit : thejeffreywscott