The Master List:: Collaborative Consumption

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by Tara Swiger

The Master List:: Collaborative Consumption


In the past few weeks, I keep running into articles about “Collaborative Consumption” and “Social Shopping.” The trend is so embedded in my own life I didn’t even notice it until I read the articles. For example, in planning just one week  (San Fransicso for CCE (win a pass here!), followed by Portland), I used, I surveyed Twitter + Facebook friends to get food + neighborhood recommendations, I co-created a class that I’ll teach in Portland with a few students.



It’s not just a trend, it’s a new way of thinking about shopping and consuming that’s changing the way people shop...including how they shop for your gorgeous, handmade, sustainably designed item.


“Spawned by a confluence of the economic crisis, environmental concerns, and the maturation of the social web, an entirely new generation of businesses is popping up. They enable the sharing of cars, clothes, couches, apartments, tools, meals, and even skills. The basic characteristic of these you-name-it sharing marketplaces is that they extract value out of the stuff we already have.”

-The Sharing Economy, Fast Company



“A new way of living, in which access is valued over ownership, experience is valued over material possessions, and "mine" becomes “ours” so everyone's needs are met without waste.”

-Gen Y Guide to Collaborative Consumption 
(this post has an impressive list of every sharing site under the sun. Food, shelter, transportation, clothing....everything is shareable)


“Along the same lines of merging physical world experiences with digital activity, the ability to make quick, small purchases for online content represents a huge opportunity for both content producers and providers.”

-Five Payment Trends to Watch in 2011,



How will this change the way you sell, source and connect with buyers?

Tell us in the comments!

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