The Master List:: Do It Together

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by Mita Patnaik

The Master List:: Do It Together


We can’t help but notice that our DIT ethic (plus our mission to connect designers to everything they need, so they don’t have to Do It Alone) is turning up everywhere; it seems this is just the right time to Do It Together. Here’s a collection of the best thinkers (and some big publications) focusing on Doing it Together.



”Transformative change happens when industries democratize, when they’re ripped from the sole domain of companies, governments, and other institutions and handed over to regular folks.”

-Chris Anderson  in Wired magazine



“DIY is powerful because it taps into the passion and creativity of individuals around the world. But maybe DIY is just a precursor to even more powerful forms of Do It Together (DIT), pulling together larger numbers of diversified and talented individuals to more and more rapidly innovate and drive new levels of performance on a continuing basis. “

-From Do It Yourself to Do it Together from the Harvard Business Review


”You can’t DIY yourself to sustainability.
And you can’t DIY yourself to freedom.”

-Tara Gentile, How to Find the “We” in Earning More



I just finished Clay Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus, which is a great explanation of why + how we can start working together to do even greater things. Here’s a TED video where he explains the thesis of the book.




What  would go on your MasterList of DIT resources? Share them in the comments!