MasterList: Get Out of The Sweatshop

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by Tara Swiger

MasterList: Get Out of The Sweatshop

This week's MasterList comes right from our conversations with Vianza designers.

You are tired of working long hours.
You are ready to grow, without wearing yourself out.
You're ready to find a new model for building your business.

You want out of the sweatshop.


Check out what our favorite smarties are saying about getting yourself out of the sweatshop and into the sunshine:


This one goes out to all the crafters out there.  I’m talking especially to you doe-eyed folks who spend ten hours behind a table at a craft fair on Saturday, only to stay up until 3AM making more inventory for Sunday.  The first year or two you insist that you actually enjoy this lifestyle, but before long it becomes clear that being a one-person sweatshop (complete with sweatshop-level wages) is not the most sustainable business model.

-Lauren, Tired of Being Your Own Sweatshop?



You can’t make products 24/7. Plus, running a business is about more than just manufacturing. You’ve got other responsibilities like marketing, customer service, bookkeeping, etc.

-Meredith, Hitting a Production Ceiling



Collaborations come in all shapes and sizes. They can be with one other person, 10 other people, or with strangers all over the city or world. In essence, collaboration is the process of creating something bigger and more amazing than what you could have ever created on your own.

-Willo, Don't DIY Alone


How are you collaborating, partnering, and growing with the help of others?