Snapshot :: Kri Kri Studio

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by Sarah Von

Snapshot :: Kri Kri Studio


Kristin Nelson’s ceramics have been carried in stores like Barney’s for almost 15 years.  Kristin recently added a new line of dishes to her range and enjoys kayaking and learning new languages when she’s not firing up the kiln.  You can follow more of her adventures on her blog.



What is your more prized creation - the coolest thing you've ever made, with your own nimble hands?

Making things is my life, so it is impossible for me to choose a most favored or prized creation. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have them though! It’s just that they are continually changing. While decorating multitudes of ceramics with my Kri Kri creatures, an extra super cute one pops out every now and then. That one will be hard for me to part with it for a day or two, but I comfort myself with the knowledge that someone else will be able to treasure it and then I move on.

If pressed, I will admit that I once made a circle skirt of ochre velvet, trimmed with mink and embellished with a rich turquoise, vintage braid. It hit at the knee and was very swingy. It looked great with boots. And, there was a pair of very, very tiny red ceramic mittens that I once gave to my husband when he wasn’t feeling well.



What is the worst piece of business advice you've ever been given?

I have been fortunate to have received only good business advice and lots of it. Don’t be afraid to ask people with experience and knowledge. They usually love to share it.


What was the biggest entrepreneurial epiphany of your career?

Learn to delegate. There are others out there who are very capable who have different skills and can do things that you need to have done. When you are ready for it, hiring an employee can really help take your business to a new level. Free yourself up to maximize your creative energy!


Give us your top 3 indie artisans/designers to watch.

Jil Smith at Insatiable Studios

Lauren Grossman’s Great Balls Fire jewelry

Kitten chops

What's the best way to navigate the world of wholesale?

I try to design my products so that they are efficient and cost effective to produce. That helps me to keep a competitive price point and assures that I earn a profit.

If you could offer one sage snippet of wisdom to aspiring designers, crafters & artisans, what would it be?

Try to identify what it is that inspires you and what makes your products unique. Have fun cultivating and developing this in your everyday life. If your passion is genuine, you will enjoy your job of creating and you will pass that positive energy on.

Thanks so much for sharing, Kristin!


Photo Credits :: Kri Kri Studios


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