Snapshot! Kyla Roma

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by Sarah Von

Snapshot! Kyla Roma


After two years of blogging on the side, Kyla Roma took the leap into full time blogging and design in 2010.  Now she helps run one the the web’s best little design studio  and has built a lovely blog-home frequented by tons of talented and vocal creatives.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your awesome, awesome creative community!

I'm Kyla- I blog daily at about living an intentional and creative life, and I'm also co-owner of   Freckled Nest, a boutique design company that creates beautiful, handcrafted blog designs. I've been blogging there since 2008, and my blog has gradually evolved from a personal space to a big part of how I make my living. It's been an exciting learning curve and

My community is encouraging and incredibly supportive- they never fail to surprise me! Last spring I started doing freelance design work, which led to quitting my day job and working for myself full time within nine months. They've been there every step of the way to challenge me and cheer me on, and I'm really grateful for them. It's been amazing to have connections to so many incredible people in all different fields, and that's been a great resource to draw on as I explore my path and learn about life as a new business owner.



How do you reach out to other creative types?

Aside from getting to know people through blogging, twitter is one of my favourite tools. I love searching for new blogs and then getting a sense of the author's personality through their twitter stream. It's a great casual way to make connections, share anything that fits your style, to help others and start discussions around your passions. I think of it like a cocktail party that all my mentors and friends are always attending- but then, I'm a bit of an addict :)


What are some of the best, most helpful things you've learned through your online creative community?

The most valuable thing I've learned is to speak up and have confidence in yourself and your experiences. I used to feel intimidated by the amount of knowledge or expertise other people had, and felt like I was too young or inexperienced to voice my opinions and share my experience. Through my community I'm always finding people who are great teachers- and they didn't have to ask anyone's permission to be an inspiring part of my day! No matter where you are in life or your career, if you share from your heart with a collaborative spirit, what you say is going to resonate.


What are some good ways to get a creative conversation going online?

I'm a big fan of using social media to offer help to the people around you and to share discussion points.[bold]  I like sharing solutions if I see someone asking a question because I'm a "helper" by nature, but the impact of that over time is that it shows you're community minded and a resource which will draw like-minded people to you. Sharing blog posts or products that are related to your field, and asking a question or speaking to the bigger issue behind them can also be a great way to get opinions from engaged creatives who are excited to connect. And if that's not your style you can always send a quick e-mail and see if someone you admire has time to share their experiences or collaborate with you!


What's your advice to new designers or creative entrepreneurs who are just starting their online lives?

Sometimes it can feel like you're supposed to be online and active in so many different ways that you can get discouraged before you start. Just stick with it! Having a great online presence that expresses who you are and what you do won't happen immediately, but it's a marathon not a sprint. Be authentic and enthusiastic about your passions and have fun with creating your online life- it's part of your "real" life too, after all :)


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Sarah Von is a Vianza contributing columnist and interview wrangler.  If you follow her on Twitter, you’ll be privy to all sort of tweets about small business, good ideas and, um, cheese.