Snapshot! Tara Gentile

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Snapshot! Tara Gentile


Tara Gentile (alias: Scoutie Girl) empowers passion-driven entrepreneurs to tap their true spirit—and turn a profit. Her musings on business, social media & tech-savvy life design garner high praise & adoring attention across the ‘net, and her goal-setting guides are among the best in the biz.


While “needle & thread” crafting eludes the nimble-minded Gentile, she’s an online icon in the handmade community, with wisdom & insights that resonate with virtually every creative entrepreneur.


We’re a little besotted with Ms. Gentile, and we’re thrilled to feature her in today’s installment of Snapshot!

What is your most prized creation—the coolest thing you've ever made, with your own nimble hands?


I am going to be painfully honest here—excruciatingly so. There is nothing that I've made with my own two hands that I have that kind of relationship with.


I am truly not a maker in the needle & thread, hammer & nails, or warp & weft kind of way. I appreciate it with every fiber of my being (pun intended), it's in my DNA . It's just not a skill I was blessed with.


The projects I undertake are left unfinished. I enjoy the beginning much more than the end.


That said, I'm creative in many other ways. The same joy others get in bending steel or cutting paper, I get in crafting opinions. I enjoy cooking a dinner from scratch sans recipe. And my talents include a hodgepodge of musical blessings from all over my family.


Just don't ask me to sew in a straight line. So, instead, I will show off a picture of my cartoonish toddler, Lola!


Photo Credit :: Tara Gentile

What's the worst piece of business advice you've ever been given?


The worst piece of business advice I ever received was also the best piece of advice. My friend—who is an utterly amazing business owner—told me to stick out a segment of my business that was causing me stress, because it was the easiest way she saw for me to continue bringing in money.


In the moment she said it, I knew what she meant. I felt she was right. I was in crisis because I wanted my business to be about something else, something that came more naturally, and she said “wait.” It hurt, but it made sense.


But the moment I got off the call, I decided that answer wasn't good enough.


That caused me to create my highest grossing product to date (a digital course on building your own website). That product allowed me to drop the crap and embrace my core strengths as an entrepreneur. I haven't looked back since.

What was the biggest entrepreneurial epiphany of your career?


Last March, I wrote a blog post called “Embracing Abundance: Breaking the Scarcity Mindset”. That post took me about 45 minutes to write. I posted it immediately after I was finished, and within minutes, it was going viral. People were commenting, discussing, gushing, and Tweeting.


I learned a few things immediately:

1) My story was a key way to share lessons I'd learned. My story is relevant because it's someone else's story too. But, at the same time, it's what makes me "me" and not someone else.

2) People are hurting around concepts of money, desire, and scarcity. They assume that they fundamentally lack all that they really need to succeed. They assume that what they need costs too much. And they assume that what they desire is outside of their grasp.

3) Busting assumptions is a strength of mine.


This epiphany—as they do—came on hard & strong. I knew then that if I really wanted to succeed with my business, I needed to harness those three realizations over & over again.

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If you could offer one snippet of sage wisdom to aspiring designers, crafters & artisans, what would it be?


Understand what you truly want out of your business. Do you want money? Make decisions with an eye for profit. Do you want freedom? Keep your biz lithe & light. Do you want status? Form lasting networks & relationships.


You really can get what you want out of your business...but you need to make your decisions with that desire in mind.

Find the gorgeously talented Tara Gentile online at and, and on Twitter at @taragentile & @scoutiegirlblog.



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