What Indie Means To Sherisa, Of L'élephant Rose

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by Tara Swiger

What Indie Means To Sherisa, Of L'élephant Rose


This is a guest post from Sherisa. She’s a jewelry designer and writer originally from Brooklyn, NY and relocated to Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2010 to start married life with her husband. In September she wrote  I am not a Sweatshop and we’re happy to have her sharing her take on What Indie Means.


From a creative standpoint, I have always been an independent artist. Since an early age, I've always thought for myself. I never followed crowds and I am notorious for thinking well into the future. Owning my own business is a natural extension of my creativity and I get up every day to work on what I love. Being an indie artist is allowing yourself to be mentally and creatively fully expressive. It is trying something new because you can, and if it doesn't work, at least you tried. It's finding exactly what makes you tick and working on making it flourish.


Being an indie artist can quite literally mean you have a uniform of t-shirts and PJs or sweatpants. We've all been there at one point or another. It occupies your mind in a good way. When you've really got it, it makes you tingle with excitement.


For me, it's working with different material and making jewelry I love, with love. It's sitting with my pen and pad or my laptop and writing non-stop for hours on end. It's listening to music really loudly in the middle of the day and cranking out work. It's stopping to take a break when I want for as long as I want. It's working at 8 am today and starting at 3 pm tomorrow and those are both perfect hours in those moments. While I revel in the gift of being able to function as an independent artist, it is not all roses and sunshine.


Being an independent artist also means making my own schedule and sticking with it, not because someone else forces me to, but because I want to. It means that I am responsible for my output. It means I don't have protection from a mother company. I am the top and also the bottom. It means understanding my abilities and being realistic in my limitations and working within that. There's nothing easy about it; it's something I work hard at daily. Even when it seems like there's no tangible output, there is always something worthwhile happening. It means reaching higher than you might normally at a 9 to 5. It means wearing lots (and I mean lots) of hats. There will be some faking it 'til you make it, but it's all about making it. It teaches you to delegate much more the further along you go. I find that being in my third year as an official business and finishing my first year living overseas, it is fuel for a different hunger. I am so ready to succeed here.


What does indie mean to you? Share in the comments!