What Indie Means To Us!

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by Mita Patnaik

What Indie Means To Us!


If you take a look around Vianza, you probably notice that my vision for Vianza is to support indie businesses -  designers, wholesalers, suppliers, retailers and boutiques - to build a sustainable business.

So when Tara asked me to define what indie meant to me, it took a while for me to formulate my thoughts.  Since it is so pervasive around here, we don’t usually stop to reflect on it. It’s like breathing, you don’t think about it. You just do.


While the term indie has its roots in music, it applies to other creative businesses as well. To me, an indiebiz is an independently-owned business where creativity is a “state of being”.  Creativity does not always equal artistic expression. It could be as simple as finding a new solution to a everyday problem, which indie businesses are adept at given the constraint on resources.


In addition to having loads of creativity they have one or more of these attributes:

1.    Sense of purpose - make a positive difference in the community
2.    Design led, unique point of view
4.    Free spirited
5.    One-of-a-kind, not mainstream

Being indie does not imply they have to do everything on their own. My experience is that most indie businesses start off with a DIY ethic  but evolves into a more collaborative do-it-together approach to scale and grow into a sustainable business. Creativity can manifest itself into a physical product or retail store with some form of collaboration but it always has the unique fingerprint of the owner – whether it be a designer or boutique owner.

“If it's cool, creative and different, it's indie”

- CNN.com


“Indie means you’re not waiting around for permission. Indie means you create your own opportunities. Indie means you set your sights on a goal—and then you make it happen with whatever resources you have at the moment.”

- Dave Charest


Indie means different things to different people.


Photo Credits :: Uri Gorelik


I'm still working on my definition of indie, what's yours?